Benchmarking Your Building


Awareness towards reducing energy consumption and lowering utility bills costs has become increasingly more widespread among building owners and managers, but one obstacle remains…

How do you start the process of determining how to save energy?

The answer is Benchmarking your Building.

Unless you have quality energy data, you will struggle to understand your patterns of energy consumption to find energy waste and inefficiencies. Benchmarking is the process of measuring a building’s energy use over time, allowing building owners and managers to understand their building’s operational performance relative to similar buildings. This data can be used to establish a building’s baseline energy performance, which is an initial period of metered energy consumption used as a point of reference for comparison purposes. (For example, the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager tool uses a 12-month period of metered building energy consumption as the energy baseline.) Once a baseline has been established it is proven to be a reliable method of achieving immediate energy reductions in your building.

How does Benchmarking translate into cost savings?

Involve an Engineering Consultant at the beginning of the process.

With an experienced energy engineering advisor providing guidance with the benchmarking and baseline process, they can educate you in determining performance goals, track and improve ongoing energy use, and identify areas that are ripe for efficiency investments. Once you know how your building ranks, your energy engineer will take the next step by discussing specific ways to improve your building’s energy performance after conducting an in-depth analysis (that includes site inspections, equipment testing, controls system alterations, and building specific energy conservation measures).

The sole purpose of Benchmarking your building is not to only provide compliance for a local sustainability law or legislation, but it’s greatest value is in it’s potential to inspire strategies for profound energy savings.

The typical NYC Area commercial building wastes upwards of $30-$50,000 annually on energy.

Why take those losses when you can take advantage of our no cost preliminary benchmark survey NOW and find out how you can save up to 30% or more of your annual energy costs.