NYC Building Owners' compliance checklist

NYC Building Owners Compliance Checklist – Do Not Miss This

As a new decade begins, we are in for another year full of compliances, avoiding expensive fines, and moving towards a carbon free future. The Cotocon Group has compiled a list of Local Law compliances that New York City building Owners must comply with in the year 2021.


  • Feb 1st– Quarterly Benchmarking Deadline (Local Law 84/133)
  • May 1st– Annual Benchmarking Deadline (Local Law 84/133)
  • Aug 1st – Quarterly Benchmarking Deadline (Local Law 84/133)
  • Oct 1st– Annual Building Energy Efficiency Label Deadline (Local Law 33/95)
  • Nov 1ST– Quarterly Benchmarking Deadline (Local Law 84/133)
  • Dec 31st– 2021 LL87 Deadline (Local Law 87)
  • Dec 31st– Buildings in community districts 2,5,7,13, and 18 in all boroughs must be inspected before this date (Local Law 152)



Building owners must also be wary of various laws that are in effect or coming in the near future and must prepare accordingly. Following are some of the examples.


  • NYC Local Law 55 – The bill requires landlords to prevent and remove indoor health hazards that can trigger asthma such as mold and pests, as well as mandating the use of safe and effective methods to ensure long-term success. Landlords are required to inspect every apartment and building common area at least once a year.
  • NYC Local Law 94 – New York City’s Local Law 94 of 2019, passed under the New York City Climate Mobilization Act, requires the inclusion of a green roofing zone in new construction and for buildings undergoing certain major renovations. This roofing zone must be comprised of a photovoltaic (PV) electricity generating system (Solar Panels) or a green roof.
  • NYC Local Law 97 – Beginning in 2024, buildings over 25,000 square feet will have to meet carbon emissions limits based on the facility’s occupancy group type. The New York City Council passed the Climate Mobilization Act, which is an ambitious package of legislation to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 80% by 2050. This “Green New Deal” will take effect in 2024 and is comprised of eleven pieces of legislation, but the centerpiece is the carbon emissions limits law for large NYC buildings (Local Law 97 of 2019). It is advised that the building owners start preparing for these laws now!

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