In both new and existing buildings, Cotocon’s top priority is to reduce building operating expenses by reducing energy use. We help building owners and management set and reach their energy reduction goals by working with them on several fronts at once.

We use industry best practices to evaluate a building’s energy performance and efficiency and projected savings in operating expenses from upgrading building mechanicals. We recommend low-cost energy conservation measures (ECMs) that can be quickly implemented through changes in building occupant behavior. And we work with programs that provide generous cash grants for building mechanical upgrades that make the upgrades financial feasible.

Many different programs are available. Please contact us to see which of these money and energy saving programs are right for your building.


Cool / Green Roofs

Green roofs incorporate plants as part of the roofing system. The plants and soil provide a reliable heat buffer and can save you up to 20% on annual energy costs. Cool roof materials reflect or reject the sun’s radiant energy before it penetrates the interior of the building.  If we recommended this measure during a Business Energy Check and your improvements meet our standards, you may qualify for a Cool Roof incentive to help offset the cost. There is a long list of benefits that a green / cool roof can provide including increased roof life property value.

Cool Roof / Green Roof Program

Ceiling Insulation Upgrade

If the insulation in your building is less than R-12, you may be eligible for this service. Adding insulation will help you conserve energy, and incentives are available for upgrades. To qualify for the insulation, your facility needs a recommendation during a Business Energy Check.

Ceiling Insulation Upgrade Program

Roof Insulation Upgrade

If the roof insulation on your building is less that R-12, you may qualify for incentives to help upgrade the roof insulation to R-19 or greater. Increasing the insulation help maintain the desired interior building temperatures while saving up to 15% of heating and cooling costs.

Roof Insulation Upgrade Programs


Air-Cooled and Water-Cooled Electric Chillers

Installing highly efficient air or water-cooled chillers or rooftop units saves energy and reduces your cooling costs while maintaining a comfortable environment. If improvements are recommended.

HVAC Chiller / Unitary Program
Demand Control Ventilation(DCV)
Energy Recovery Ventilation(ERV)


Indoor Lighting Upgrades

Upgrading interior lighting can save up to 50% of lighting cost, while improving light quality and reducing maintenance costs.  If an upgrade to your business lighting is recommended during our Business Energy Check, your business may qualify for incentive to help pay for the indoor lighting improvements.

Indoor Lighting Program
Indoor Lighting Controls
Indoor Lighting Systems


Efficient Motors

Efficient motors result in long-term energy savings since over the life of a motor 95% of the total cost is for energy to operate the motor.  Replacing or installing highly energy-efficient motors is one way to help control your business costs.  You could also qualify for incentives that help offset the cost to buy higher energy-efficient motors.  Get a Business Energy Check and learn how your business can qualify for this incentive.

Efficient Motors Upgrade Program


New York City Legislation – Passed December 9, 2009

Buildings over 50,000 SF account for 45% of New York City’s energy consumption. As part of PlaNYC, the City has passed four pieces of legislation that make the energy code stricter; require installation of lighting upgrades and tenant meters in non-residential spaces; and require most buildings over 50,000 SF to undertake benchmarking and audits, and implement retro-commissioning measures. The plan will ultimately save New Yorkers $700 million in annual energy costs, create thousands of construction-related jobs, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 5%, the largest single component of the citywide goal of 30%.

Greener, Greater Buildings Plan – Extended Summary
NYC Energy Conservation Code LL 84/09
NYC Energy Conservation Code LL 85/09
NYC Energy Conservation Code LL 87/09
NYC Energy Conservation Code LL 88/09
Greener, Greater Buildings Plan – One Page Matrix
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