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ENERGY STAR Benchmarking – Improving Building Performance

ENERGY STAR Benchmarking – Improving Building Performance

ENERGY STAR Benchmarking measures a building’s Energy and Water use to establish a baseline from which to measure all future improvements. The metrics of a benchmarked building are compared against similar buildings throughout the United States to produce an ENERGY STAR Benchmarking “rating.”

It is a data driven modern approach that improves the Building Performance and saves Energy Costs for Building Owners.

The Reason to go for ENERGY STAR Benchmarking

Businesses are reducing their energy costs by 10, 20, and 30 percent through effective energy management practices that involve assessing energy performance, setting energy-savings goals, and regularly evaluating progress.

Facility- or building-level energy performance benchmarking is an integral part of it. It provides the reference points necessary for gauging the effectiveness of energy management practices and management for continuous improvement.

Why should I go for Benchmarking?

  • Increase Profitability by Being Energy Efficient – Energy Benchmarking tells a building owner about their Energy Usage. It is a key step in identifying opportunities to increase profitability by lowering energy and operating costs.
  • Effective Management by Measuring Energy Usage – Through benchmarking, the key metrics for assessing performance are identified, baselines are established, and goals are set. This process helps to identify the key drivers of energy use and provides an important diagnostic tool for improving performance.
  • Make Smart Energy Investments – By evaluating trends and variability in energy use, benchmarking can improve management decisions on investments in energy-related projects. Developing a historical perspective on current and past energy use provides a context for those decisions.
  • Compliance with Local Laws – Energy Benchmarking is an important aspect of Local Law Compliance in New York City and New York City Local Law 84 of 2009. New York City Local Law 133 of 2016 mandate ENERGY STAR Benchmarking.
  • In commercial real estate, decreasing energy costs by 30 percent is equivalent to increasing net operating income by 4 percent.
  • In the healthcare industry, each dollar that a hospital saves in energy costs is comparable to generating new revenues of $20.
  • In the supermarket retail industry, a 10 percent reduction in energy costs is equivalent to increasing sales per square foot by $70.
  • Data taken from ENERGY STAR

Key Steps to a Successful and Effective ENERGY STAR Benchmarking

The Cotocon Group holds 10 years of Energy Expertise with a proven track record of Accurate Benchmarking Reports, timely compliance, detailed insights and result oriented approach. We help building owners by Benchmarking their buildings and compliance with Local Laws.

The Energy Usage benchmarking process starts with decisions on the goals, scope, and parameters that will support energy management activities and objectives.

We analyze the key Energy Drivers and their performance against the standard and how we can go beyond that standard.

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Energy STAR Benchmarking

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