NYC Department of Buildings (DOB)

NYC Department of Buildings (DOB)

                                 NYC Department of Buildings

The NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) promotes the safety of all people that build, work, and live in New York City by regulating the lawful use of over one million buildings and construction sites across the five boroughs. The Department enforces compliance with these regulations and promotes worker and public. DOB now safety through its review and approval of building plans, permitting and licensing functions, and inspections. The DOB strives to increase transparency, enhance public safety, and improve customer service.


NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) is the main hub of information regarding buildings and violations. The DOB provides information needed to make accurate judgements on whether a building needs to abide by certain regulations.

Departments’ Mission

new york city department of buildings is committed to providing efficient service to all New Yorkers by continuously assessing the proper distribution of resources to meet the safety and permitting needs of residents across all five boroughs; enhancing the quality of life for all New Yorkers and making NYC safer.

Online Opportunities

DOB NOW: Department’s new public facing web interface that allows customers to conduct transactions online.  Provides customers with the ability to manage more robust online accounts, making it easier to submit applications, make payments, schedule appointments, check the status of an application or inspection, pull permits, make renewals, and have virtual interactions with Agency staff.

Code Notes is a way to simplify some of the most applied for construction permit processes.  Written by industry professionals, Code Notes explains the necessary filings, applicable codes and zoning, relevant bulletins, directives, and memos, then puts them into an accessible and easy to read format.  Code Notes cross-references code requirements and other provisions.  This helps to centralize complex information that is typically spread across the City’s Building Code, Zoning Resolution, NYC Fire Code, Multiple Dwelling Law, Energy Code and other departments.

New York City Department of Buildings

Department’s Code of Conduct

New York City has created a first of it’s kind Code of Conduct for construction professionals in order to help foster integrity in the construction industry.  A guide which provides ethical codes and principles, licensing standards, and an abuse of privileges policy, was related in 2015.  

The Cotocon Group works directly with nyc dept of buildings for all of our resources.  In order to accomplish our goals as professionals, our connection with NYC DOB has helped guide our business. For more information about what we do or how we can help you, call us now (212) 889-6566 or Get in Touch.

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