Our mission

“Creating a sustainable, healthy and efficient built environment for the planet”

We are experienced and practical environmental design and building professionals. With both new and existing construction, we work to reduce building energy use and costs, which shrinks the carbon footprint and lowers greenhouse gas emissions.  We collaborate with developers, owners and their teams to create the best solutions for their project.

With our roots in large-scale commercial contracting, we are grounded in a deeply practical point of view: our goal is always to create and execute what works best for our client.

We work closely with utilities, municipalities, and authorities to help owners and management access current incentive and subsidy programs that make energy efficiency and environmental improvements cheaper and easier to implement.

We listen closely to the needs of our clients, accurately measure and evaluate, and advise them so they can make informed decisions.

We use current best practices to reduce energy use and costs. We advocate for the use of materials and systems that have the lowest possible impact on the environment.

Target Market:

Owners and Management of multiple commercial buildings 50,000 sf or larger, in the NY metropolitan area.

Our Competitive Advantage:

The Cotocon Group is a team of seasoned professionals that includes architects, engineers, LEED® APs (Accredited Professionals), interior designers, energy auditors, contracting professionals, project managers, and sustainable product experts.

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