About This Project

Motor Parkway Plaza (new building, under construction) is the first LEED-registered shopping center on Long Island. The lush landscaping planned for the site conjures images of environmental consciousness, and much more is going behind the scenes at this project. Some of the main features include:

The entire shopping center is over 30% more water-efficient than a typical shopping center. This has been accomplished through ultra-low flow fixtures, toilets, and urinals.

– Preferred parking will be available for those who drive hybrid vehicles or tenants whom car pool.

– A highly-reflective white roof reflects away heat, keeping the entire shopping center cooler.

– An on-site renewable energy system will provide this facility with solar PVC-powered electric power, which will reduce the property’s carbon footprint and also save tenants money on utility bills.

– A tighter building envelope, the white roof, and high efficiency HVAC systems will make this center over 30% more energy-efficient than a typical center.

– Low volatile organic compounds (VOC) paints, sealants, and adhesives are being used throughout the project, improving indoor air quality for shoppers and workers.

– Construction: Over 90% of construction debris (totaling over 9,000 tons of material) was kept out of the landfill through recycling or reuse. Recycled materials and those manufactured locally are being used extensively throughout the project.

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