PSEG LI Rebate Programs

Long Island Power Authority, is a municipal subdivision of the State of New York that oversees PSEG Long Island, the electricity service provider for most of Long Island. LIPA currently is responsible for the oversight and ownership of the former LILCO electric grid on Long Island now branded, operated and managed by a division of Long Island Power Authority. On December 15, 2011, LIPA selected Public Service Enterprise Group of New Jersey, the largest electric utility of that state, to take over the management and operation of the electric grid from National Grid, starting in January 2014. On July 29, 2013, the state legislature passed a law effectively transferring most of LIPA’s operations to PSEG beginning in 2014. LIPA’s Long Island retail electric system provides electric service to over 1.1 million customers in Nassau and Suffolk counties, and the Rockaway Peninsula in Queens. In a bid to create a more sustainable future, PSEG LI provides its customers with various types of rebate programs. If a customer complies with those standards, he/she is given financial incentives. These Rebate Programs are meant to encourage energy-efficient practices in a bid to save energy and resources.

Commercial  Programs

As with the residential buildings, the PSEG Long Island offers a variety of incentives for its non-residential customers to increase the energy efficiency of facilities through the Commercial Efficiency Program. Major renovations of existing buildings and new construction projects are both eligible for this program.
There are several paths to choose from in the program, each one designed to fit the needs of a particular customer.
The Prescriptive Approach offers rebates on a pre-qualified list of energy-efficient equipment including lighting, compressed air, kitchen equipment, variable frequency drives, and HVAC equipment.
The Custom Approach provides funding for more complex energy-saving measures, perhaps measures unique to the building or business, which are not covered under the prescriptive approach.
Energy Assessment program provides free services for facilities to assess their energy demands and analyze energy conservation measures. Based on the size of the facility the assessment will include 1-2 hour walk-through of a facility and will provide recommendations any efficiency upgrades, and provide calculations for rebates and paybacks.
The rebate amounts can be found out here.

The Cotocon Group is a proud Technical Assistance Efficiency Partner of PSEG-LI. The Cotocon Group has a group of qualified and skilled professionals such as architects and engineers that can help you in achieving the CEP rebates and meeting their energy saving goals.

Residential Programs

(***Please Note – We do not participate in residential programs; we are providing this information for educational purposes only)

PSEG Long Island offers a plethora of incentives which help resident customers adopt more energy efficient equipment and appliances. Incentives are available for home energy audits and for purchase and installation of equipment like refrigerators, washers, dryers etc.
The Cool Homes Program provides rebates for both homeowners and contractors for the installation of energy efficient central air conditioning systems and air-source heat pumps. Customers can choose from list of specially-trained contractors or choose any licensed air conditioning contractor to install their preferred system.
Customers may also choose to receive a free programmable thermostat of $300 value. This would allow PSEG to remotely adjust the electricity use of the central AC.
In-home energy assessment is available through the PSEG’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program (for homes with central A/C) and through Home Performance Direct program (for homes without central A/C). These programs offer home energy audit at no additional cost.
The rebate amounts can be checked out at the PSEG LI website here.

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