About us

The Cotocon Group is a multi-disciplinary team of professionals who are focused on green and sustainable construction and the reduction of unnecessary waste of our natural resources. The group containing many LEED APs, Architects, Engineers, Certified Energy Managers & Auditors, Certified Public Accountants as well as Project Managers and Green Building Specialists.

Although many firms believe in environmental quality, very few have been as dedicated to outreach as Cotocon. (Co – To – Con, meaning Co-operation to Con-servation) Thus The Cotocon Group was created as an umbrella group to attract the best practitioners in different areas of endeavor. The Cotocon Group’s professionals contribute from their deep levels of expertise which they have developed throughout their long individual careers. Perhaps Cotocon’s greatest strength is the ability to demonstrate to owners and managers of large real estate assets the direct financial benefits in addressing environmental concerns in their building portfolios.

The collective expertise of our practice includes: LEED Certification of buildings, Local Law Compliance, Benchmarking, solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, commercial lighting retrofits, building commissioning, energy modeling, and energy tax planning.

Some consultants have waited for the public to recognize the importance of green, but Cotocon proactively reaches out to their contacts and clients. Cotocon has performed energy audits, green upgrades, and LEED certification for existing buildings as well as LEED certification of new buildings, and is recognized as a Con Edison, NYESERDA, PSEG and ENERGY STAR Partner.

Cotocon’s market focus is:

  • Energy Efficiency Optimization Services
  • ENERGY STAR  Benchmarking – Local Law Compliance
  • ASHRAE Level 1 and 2 Energy Audits
  • Environmental/Energy Construction Advisor
  • Energy Improvement Construction Management
  • Local Law Compliance – Consulting, Filing, Approvals
  • NYSERDA, PSEG & ConEdison Rebate Administration

LEED Analysis + Certification Management

  • Existing Buildings (EB)
  • Commercial Interiors (CI)
  • New Construction (NC) & Core and Shell (CS)
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