Save Energy Christmas

Ways to Save Energy this Christmas Season

The Cotocon Group Lists down some ways through which you can Save Energy this Christmas Season


Use LED Lights

We all know that it is not quite the Christmas season until you have put the bright twinkling lights on the Christmas tree. However, this may be where your electricity bill skyrockets as you light up your home both day and night. A simple change that you can make to help you reduce your electricity bill is to switch your decorations to LED lights.


Fibre Optic Decorations

Alongside your LED Christmas lights, you should also consider investing in some fiber optic decorations. Fiber optics are a collection of thin glass or plastic strands that conduct light rather than electricity. The decorations will work by placing a small LED light under a bunch of strands and then the light is distributed up the decoration giving the appearance that the strands have lit up.


Turn Off the Lights

To gain the full Christmas experience, enjoy the lights on your Christmas tree by turning off the main light in the room. This way, the room can be lit up with the stunning array of colors and bright lights that you have decorated the room with. Although this may seem like a small change to make over Christmas, it can save you money as there is no need to waste energy when the room already has a light source – the tree.


Light It Up with Candles

For a cozy Christmas decoration idea, you can choose to turn off your lights and light up your home with an array of candles. Candles are a fantastic way to add a light source into your home without using energy and its also a creative way to decorate the home. You can choose to pick candles that are the same color as the rest of your decorations, or you can place then into festive candle holders



Turn Down the Heat

Christmas time is about the whole family travelling to one location to spend the day together and celebrate. Although it may be cold outside, it does not necessarily mean that you need to turn the heating up. You can reduce your energy bill by turning on your heating in the morning and then turn it off when all of your guests turn up. The more bodies that you have in your house and the warmer it will keep.

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