Heating System Maintenance

Why it’s Best to Check Your Heating System in the Summer

During the summer months, the last thing you may be thinking about is your heating system. It seems like something you don’t need to worry about until it gets colder, but Checking Heating Systems During Summer is actually the optimal time .

Why maintain your heating system in the summer?

Most building owners understand the value of an efficient, well-oiled home heating system and the importance of regular maintenance. In order for your heater to work correctly it needs to be maintained. The best time to maintain your heater is during the summer so you don’t need to worry about it in the winter. This way you can avoid any emergency heating repairs when you need them most.

Maintaining your heating system and updating it when needed can save you money and improve your home’s energy efficiency. There is no reason to wait until the winter to take advantage of the savings. If you install the proper equipment and have it maintained, you can save up to 50 percent on your HVAC costs. Heating your building in the winter can get very expensive which makes investing in an efficient heating system worth it. During the summer months, heating companies have a more available and a more flexible schedule to be able to hep you that should be taken advantage of.

How to maintain your heating system during the summer

There are many ways you can maintain your heating system during the summer. Some of the things you can do include changing over the filters, checking the thermostat, cleaning out the drainage hole, and cleaning all the other components.

Cleaning and changing over the filters can help prevent dirt, dust and debris from blowing into your house as the heater operates. Your furnace filters should be checked at least once every month including in the summer. Failure to clean the filters can result in worse Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) conditions which can then lead to Local Law 55 violations.

Checking the thermostat on your heater is another essential part of heater maintenance during the summer.  You could end up throwing away a lot of money if you do not test your thermostat to see if your heater only turns on when you need it. Fixing your thermostat can cost you a lot of time and money so making sure it works in the summer is essential before its too late.

Cleaning your heater is of utmost importance. Every heating system has a drainage hole whose purpose is to prevent the buildup of moisture and other debris from the surrounding environment. If not cleaned properly too much moisture could get into your system and damage the electronic and other components. Not only the drainage hole, but also any air vents, floor registers, and other components also collect dirt, dust and debris over time and will benefit from regular cleaning. This tends to be a very time-consuming process that cannot be performed while the heater is running making it essential to be done during the summer months.

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