Leading the Real Estate Industry in Developing ESG Programs, Reducing GHG Emissions & Increasing Property Value for more than 12 Years.

New York’s Premier Sustainability Consulting Experts in Real Estate Owners, Managers, and Developers in Helping them with Energy Use Reduction and Regulatory Compliance.

NYC Local Law Compliance

NYC DOB Sustainability Consulting Experts – The Cotocon Group

The Cotocon Group is an impartial third-party consulting firm that specializes in helping optimize your energy consumption & reduce energy costs.

The Cotocon Group is recognized as a Con Edison, NYSERDA, PSEG-LI (TA) and ENERGY STAR Partner.

Decarbonization Services

Premier Sustainability Consultants

The Cotocon Group (CO-TO-CON, meaning COoperation TO CONservation), provides turnkey solutions that maximize peak performance & devise strategies through energy modeling, audits and commissioning for its clients to meet prerequisite standards for planning & constructing highly efficient, sustainable and low carbon-footprint buildings throughout the U.S. As we stick to our roots, Cotocon cuts through the complexity of developing and decarbonizing the built environment. With an expert understanding of regulatory requirements throughout our clients’ highly diversified real estate portfolios gives all our clients and edge as Cotocon helps owners, managers & developers reduce energy cost, GHG emissions & most importantly increase asset values. We provide services like NYC Local Law 87 Compliance, NYC Local Law 97 Compliance, NYC Local Law 84/133 Compliance and similar compliance services.

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