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NYC Local Law 97/2019
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NYC Local Law 97 of 2019

What is it?

Back in 2019, New York City Council passed the Climate Mobilization Act (CMA), which is an ambitious legislative package aligned with the City’s commitment to the carbon reduction targets set out in the Paris Agreement. It requires the economy-wide Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions to be lower by 40% before 2030 and 80% lower by 2050. As the centerpiece of CMA, Local law 97 regulates Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions from buildings larger than 25,000 square feet. The law sets GHG emission limits based on occupancy groups, which becomes effective in 2025.

NYC Climate Mobilization Act


Carbon Emissions Limits for Buildings (Local Law 97/2019)

By May 1st, 2025, covered buildings will need to submit a report showing their GHG emissions for the prior calendar year (2024). This reporting is required annually, and it must be prepared by a registered professional. Buildings that do not submit an annual report before May 1st or release over-limit Greenhouse Gases will be fined.

Carbon Emissions Limits Per Occupancy Group (tCO2e/sf)

NYC Climate Mobilization Act

Case Studies

The following 2 case studies are actual buildings that The Cotocon Group is working with as an ENERGY STAR Service and Product Provider (SPP). The GHG emissions projections showing the growing risk of violation in 2025 if they are run by 2020 standards.


2021 ENERGY STAR Score: 55

150,000 sq.ft.

Occupancy Group B (Office)

GHG EUI Emissions Limit NYC


2021 ENERGY STAR Score: 43

150,000 sq.ft.

Occupancy Group R-2 (Residential)

Recommended Services

We, The Cotocon Group, are committed to help building owners protect their properties from these sweeping sustainability laws. We were founded over 10 years ago to specialize in bringing unparalleled experience and knowledge to our clients and helping them comply. From benchmarking to energy modeling, our highly skilled multidisciplinary team navigates the owners of new construction buildings and existing building retrofits. The goal is to help owners gain knowledge of how these laws will affect the value of their buildings, so they can plan strategically and avoid massive fines.