An energy audit surveys the performance of all systems in a building and targets opportunities to make energy-saving improvements.  While many clients come to us with a specific solution in mind, we find that the best approach is to evaluate all systems in a building – heating, hot water, roof/wall, windows, lights, etc. – to detect the most cost-effective energy-saving opportunities. We recommend scopes of work that can result in savings of typically 20-30% on energy bills after they are implemented.

An energy audit can determine specific, recommended energy efficiency improvements for your building.  Energy audits vary in scope and complexity. A basic walk-through audit outlines the energy systems in your building.  A full audit includes an analysis of two or more years of utility consumption and spending, a review of building plans, and a walk-through of the building itself. This audit includes system monitoring and a detailed analysis on daily energy use cycles.  When the audit is complete, we provide a report listing energy efficiency measures (EEMs) or energy conservation measures (ECMs) specifically tailored to your building. These measures are prioritized for return on investment.

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