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According to Local Law 87, owners of buildings over 50,000 sq ft must submit an Energy Efficiency Report (EER) every 10 years. The report should contain Energy Audit outcomes and Retro-Commissioning measures to validate the operations of the energy-consumption systems inside a building. If you are a building owner looking for professionals to help with LL87 compliance, we will come to your rescue.

Our skilled professionals have years of experience offering Local Law 87 Compliance Consulting Services. Our experts can do everything from performing Energy Audits to offering Retro-Commissioning measures. Once you choose us, you will get the best returns on investing in the energy efficiency of your building.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Why should you choose our Local Law 87 Compliance Consulting firm? Here are your key reasons to rely on our experts:

Years Of Experience

Our LL87 experts have years of experience helping building owners comply with the requirements. Moreover, our professionals have an in-depth understanding of “what is local law 87.” They also have a comprehensive knowledge of how the law has evolved. They know what current processes and actionable insights would help with compliance.


Fast And Efficient Energy Audit and Retro-Commissioning Services

Our experts will offer timely energy audit and retro-commissioning services to help you submit the energy efficiency report before the Local Law 87 due dates. We spend the optimal amount of time to evaluate where your building currently stands and what are the improvements that need to be made to ensure compliance. We then help you un creating an in-depth Local Law 87 Energy Efficiency Report.


Access To Professionals

According to the latest New York City Local Law 87 amendments, professional engineers or registered architects must sign the EERs. Once you choose The Cotocon Group for your LL87 compliance, you will get ready access to our expert professionals. We will validate the accuracy of the results.


Dynamic Approach

Our experienced Local Law 87 NYC experts have a dynamic approach toward Energy Auditing and Retro-Commissioning. We will look at all the energy-consumption systems in your building because they are mostly interconnected. Our professionals will ensure that no adjustments are made in isolation. Our experts understand that changing one aspect of the system will also influence the others.


Post Energy Auditing And Retro-Commissioning Services

Our NYC Local Law 87 experts offer comprehensive services and handle the requirements of Local Law 97. LL87 and LL97 are interconnected, and we will look after both. Our experts ensure that building owners can conveniently sign off on the prescriptive list of LL97.

Consequences of Non-Compliance


Building owners who fail to meet New York LL87 regulations undergo the following consequences:

  • Fines: Building owners who fail to submit EERs on time are fined $3000 in the first year and $5000 in all consecutive years. The Department of Buildings looks after the enforcement of the NYC LL87 and considers non-compliance a class 2 violation. The authoritative body also evaluates all documents submitted under LL87.
  • Building Energy Efficiency Grades: is determined by a buildings Energy Efficiency score, which is assigned through the Benchmarking process. Buildings with a lower EEG have a negative reputation and lower marketability.
  • Violation Notices: The NYC Department of Buildings issue violation notices to non-compliant building owners. These properties attract more fines and penalties.
  • Legal Action: In some cases, New York City might take legal action against non-compliance with LL87. It can lead to increased fines, penalties, and legal fees.
  • Loss of Financial incentives: Non-compliant property owners often become ineligible for financial incentives like rebates and tax credits for energy-efficiency upgrades.

If you are worried about the consequences of non-compliance, you should give us a call now!

The Four Components of Our Local Law 87 Compliance Services

Our experts will focus on the following

  • Determine whether your property is required to comply and which year the compliance is due.
  • Perform periodic energy audits and retro-commissioning of your base building’s power-consumption systems.
  • Complete and submit the EER’s online.
  • Submit the energy efficiency report to the Department of Building once every 10 years by December 31.

Steps to Complete an Energy Audit


The different steps to complete an energy audit according to Local Law 87 are as follows:

Hire A Certified Energy Auditor

The first step involves hiring a certified auditor. We will do that for you. Our expert auditor will assess the energy consumption patterns of the different systems inside the building.


Site Visit

The auditor will visit your property to perform an audit per Local Law 87 New York City. Our professional will review utility bills and interview building operators. The professional will also perform several diagnostic tests to look for energy-saving opportunities.


Data Compilation And Performance Analysis

OurLocal Law 87 Compliance Consulting services include compiling the data collected during the site visit. Our auditor will analyse different power-saving opportunities in your building. It includes benchmarking one building’s energy usage against similar properties.


Report Preparation

Next, our experts will prepare a comprehensive Local Law 87 Energy Efficiency Report. The report will include the following:

  • Different conservation measures.
  • Energy savings calculations.
  • Recommendations for implementation.
  • A cost-benefit analysis.

Report Submission

Our auditors will ensure that you can submit the report before the Local Law 87 due dates. The EER must be submitted by December 31 of the year it is due. Property owners are required to submit this report once every ten years depending on the last digit of your block number.

How to Complete Retro-Commissioning Requirements

The different steps to complete retro-commissioning requirements as per NYC Local Law 87 are as follows:

Hire A Certified Professional

The first step is to contact one of our retro-commissioning professionals. They have adequate experience detecting and resolving maintenance and operational issues in buildings.

Build A Retro-Commissioning Plan

Next, our professionals will focus on developing a strong retro-commissioning plan for your property according to Local Law 87 NYC. The plan will include all the steps required to improve the different power-consumption systems in your building. The plan will be formulated after a detailed analysis of the current systems, identifying operational and maintenance issues and various improvement recommendations.

Executing The Retro-Commissioning Plan

Next, our professionals will focus on implementing the retro-commissioning plan. The professional will closely work with the operations and maintenance team and the owner. Executing the plan will involve adjusting the lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and other power-consumption systems. If measures are taken according to the formulated retro-commissioning plan, the performance of the power-consumption systems will improve and minimize energy wastage.


Evaluate Results

Our Local Law 87 Compliance Consulting experts will evaluate the outcome of the retro-commissioning plan. They will perform testing, adjusting, and balancing of the systems. Consistent monitoring will ensure that the systems continue to perform optimally, and all issues will get resolved quickly.


Report Preparation And Submission

The next step will involve preparing a comprehensive report with the findings of the retro-commissioning process. The report will include different measures to improve the power-consumption systems in the property. Our experts will prepare the report promptly so property owners can submit it before it is due.

Key Drivers of the Local Law 87

Once you understand “What is Local Law 87,” you must learn about the different factors driving it:

Enhancing Building Performance

LL87 New York City focuses on improving the performance of properties. LL87 compliance services are focused on detecting and addressing energy consumption and equipment operation efficiency. With the help of in-depth audits and retro-commissioning, building owners can increase energy efficiency. As a result, it will lead to minimized energy costs, lower emissions, and increased building values.


Reduction Of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The primary reason behind LL87 was to reduce greenhouse emissions in New York City. The law is helping NYC achieve its goal of lowering greenhouse emissions by 80% by 2050. Since buildings are responsible for 70% of the greenhouse emissions in the city, the law focuses on making property owners more energy efficient.


Economic Benefits

LL87 NYC can help property owners enjoy economic benefits through power savings and lower operating costs. Moreover, LL87 compliance can also contribute to increased property value. Maximizing the energy efficiency of a property can improve its marketability and attract tenants in search of sustainable residences.

LL87 is backed by efforts to minimize greenhouse emissions in New York City and guarantee regulatory compliance. Moreover, the law can make NYC buildings more energy-efficient and sustainable.

NYC Local Law 87 Extension

There are extension provisions available in cases of failed and untimely submissions. The provision also extends to a building suffering from financial hardships. An extension request costs $155 and must be filed by October 1st of the year when the report is due.

We, The Cotocon Group, have a proven history of providing Local Law 87 compliance services in New York City to building owners. Our highly skilled team ensures building owners meet all the requirements from planning compliance schedule, conducting energy audits and retro-commissioning to generating and submitting the Energy Efficiency Report within deadline. We will demonstrate that the greatest return on investment for building owners is investing in energy efficiency. Contact Us to know more! 


What happens in an Energy Audit?

An energy audit involves surveying different equipment, systems, and operations inside a property. An energy audit can help you with the following:

  • Identification of reasonable measures to improve the power usage of your properties for capital improvements.
  • Determining the consistency of the EPA Portfolio Manager tool with the benchmarking output
  • Predicting energy savings after the execution of the recommended measures

What are base-building systems?

Base building systems include energy consumption systems ranging from domestic hot water and HVAC to electric and lighting systems. Base building systems also include conveying systems and building envelopes.

What does a Retro-Commissioning study entail?

A retro-commissioning study is performed to ensure that all energy-consumption systems in a property are running efficiently. Our experts will offer various energy conservation measures during the retro-commissioning study. The different measures for energy consumption include reprogramming controls, replacing faulty actuators, sensors, speed drives, and more.

Our experienced retro-commissioning experts will determine how building operators are leveraging their controls and what poor operational procedures are leading to the wastage of energy. Our professionals will be able to optimize your existing energy systems with the help of fine-tuning and upgrades instead of major equipment replacements.

We, The Cotocon Group, have a proven history of providing Local Law 87 compliance services in New York City to building owners. Our highly skilled team ensures building owners meet all the requirements from planning compliance schedule, conducting energy audits and retro-commissioning to generating and submitting the Energy Efficiency Report within deadline. We will demonstrate that the greatest return on investment for building owners is investing in energy efficiency. Contact Us to know more!

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