Leading the Real Estate Industry in Developing ESG Programs, Reducing GHG Emissions & Increasing Property Value for more than 12 Years.

Since buildings are largely responsible for Green House Gas Emissions (GHG), that impact our environment, we are excited and proud to be in Florida, the land of sandy beaches and sunshine. With over 12 years of successful sustainable building & consulting in energy efficiency, decarbonization, and local law compliance in New York City, we have brought our expertise here.


The Cotocon Group (CO-TO-CON, meaning COoperation TO CONservation) is committed to make a positive impact on Florida’s environment, economy, and social well-being in so that, we have become a licensed General contractor in the state of Florida (License number CGC1531792).


As an impartial Building and Consulting firm, we are here to provide you with turnkey solutions that maximize peak performance and devise strategies through energy modelling, audits and commissioning, to holistically and sustainably reduce your building’s carbon footprint, optimize energy consumption, reduce costs and increase asset values.

Decarbonization Services