NYC Local Law 95 of 2019


Have you ever seen the NYC Restaurant Letter Grades?  Almost everyone who’s been to NYC has seen these colored letters (A through F) posted on the front of restaurants indicating their inspection results. Beginning in 2020, NYC Local Law 95 of 2019 will require ENERGY grades to be posted on every building over 25,000 square feet and listed on the NYC Covered Buildings List. These grades are based on Energy Efficiency and Water Usage.


An “Energy Efficiency Grade” is determined by a building’s Energy Efficiency score, which is assigned through the benchmarking process (Local Law 84 & Local Law 133) in accordance with the NYC grading tool.

NYC Local Law 95

The ENERGY STAR rating that a buildings earns using the United States Environmental Protection Agency, helps compare the building’s energy performance to similar buildings in similar climates.

NYC Buildings (on the Covered Buildings List) required to comply shall receive scores according to the following:


A= If the score is equal to or greater than 85
B= If the score is equal to or greater than 70 but less than 84
C= If the score is equal to or greater than 55 but less than 69
D= If the score is equal to or greater than 1 but less than 54
F= If the owner of such building has not complied, and the owner has had an opportunity to be heard with respect to such non-compliance.


Within 30 days after the owner obtains his/her Energy Efficiency Grade, such owner must post the grade and the Energy Efficiency score upon the location near each public entrance to such buildings.  They must do this in a form and manner established by the department.


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