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Energy Modeling
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Energy Modeling

Energy Modeling

Building Energy Modeling is the process of estimating the energy usage by a building with the help of software. These estimates are then used by Energy Experts to optimize and reduce the Energy usage while maintaining optimum performance.

Modeling provides insight into how buildings consume energy. Energy modeling is basically a process used to estimate the possible energy expenditure of a building by factoring in its systems including HVAC, electrical, lighting systems, envelope, windows, plumbing, etc.

Once a report is generated, an energy expert can then fine tune and optimize the system and recommend the changes that a building owner can make to save Energy and thousands of dollars in savings.

Using Energy Modeling to make Key Decisions


Energy Modeling is a great tool for building owners to make key business decisions that may end up saving them a lot of money. Whether it is a new construction or an existing building, Modeling offers great insight as a decision making tool.

New Construction

Energy modeling is a great tool to use when you have to choose between multiple system design options.

Whether it is HVAC system, lightning or the plumbing system, with the right tools and knowledge, reports can be generated on how the system will perform under various design options. All the choices can be simulated within a very short time and help the decision making a lot easier for building owners.

Existing Buildings

Existing buildings can also be modeled and simulated. Generally, existing buildings are simulated to find out if a system is causing excessive leakage of energy. It can then be used to improve the systems and even calculate the return on investment if you replace the older system with an existing one. Energy Modeling is also used for setting Energy benchmarks in retrofitting projects.

Energy Modeling is Extremely Beneficial In Reducing GHG Emissions, Complying with Local Laws and Meeting the NYC Green New Deal Targets