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NYC Local Law 84/2009
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NYC LOCAL LAW 84 of 2009


NYC Local Law 84 of 2009 requires buildings in NYC measuring more than 50,000 square feet, or groups of buildings on a single lot larger than 100,000 square feet, are required to annually measure, track, and report their energy and water consumption. This process is referred to as benchmarking, and is conducted on a government provided energy management tool called ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.

The Cotocon Group can manage all NYC Local Law 84 of 2009 requirements and will save you money on building operations, making your building more competitive. As part of PlaNYC 2030, a building’s reported ENERGY STAR Benchmarking score is made available to the public to encourage and generate energy efficiency and a greener usage of resources.

Local Law 84 exempts owners of “garden apartments” from being required to benchmark. As of October 31, 2016, the list of buildings required to benchmark excludes all residential properties that consist of three stories or less, for which ownership and maintenance responsibility of the HVAC and hot water heating systems are held by each individual dwelling unit owner. In simpler terms, if there is no HVAC system or hot water heating system in the series of dwellings that serve more than two units, the properties are exempt from benchmarking.

Benchmarking Your Building/ Local Law 84

  • All buildings over 50,000 Sq Ft must have an annual Benchmarking
  • Involves gathering all building energy usage (Electric, Natural Gas, Oil) including tenant aggregate
  • A building energy model is created using a tool from the US Department of Energy (DOE) called Portfolio Manager
  • Occupancy, building size, heating and air conditioning are defined in Portfolio Manager
  • The building is then benchmarked and scored
  • Comparisons are made using a matrix to similar sized buildings
  • Greenhouse gas emissions in metric tons of CO2 is calculated
  • Output is used in determining a building’s Energy Letter Grade as per NYC Local Law 95
  • Failure to file has fines of $500 per quarter

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