Advantages of Green Buildings

5 Key Advantages of Green Buildings

Accommodating the concerns of climate change, green and sustainable architecture is exponentially increasing in popularity in various attempts to de-carbonize, protect ecosystems, thereby increasing the quality of living as well as business. Green Buildings are a great way to mitigate the effects of Carbon Emissions and have a positive effect on the environment. We list down 5 Key Advantages of Green Buildings.

Save on all utility bills

With optimum energy efficiency, as is the case with green buildings, operations are carried out with lesser consumption of energy as compared to conventional installations which is reflected in the water and energy bills.
In order to get the LEED certification, it’s imperative to show at least 20% of water savings with respect to the designated baseline. Similarly, an EDGE certification also demands a systemic reduction by 20% in water as well as energy consumption.

Improved Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ)

It is obvious that our surroundings hugely impact our health. Human health and indoor air are extensively correlated in today’s time given how we spend 90% of indoors. Sustainable, green architecture’s benefits extend to making those surroundings healthy, drastically improving their health as studied on many indices. In involves better lighting sources, thermal conditions, ergonomic features, updated HVAC, upgraded air quality. Lower levels of stress have also been observed.

Marketing Advantages

Green buildings enjoy an upper hand vis-à-vis marketing as the benefits aforementioned attract not just tenants but also investors and building owners. Lower utility bills and healthy air quality are extremely valuable and appealing. Various certifications can be displayed using a plaque, asserting your building’s health and competitiveness.
NYC Local Law 33 mandates for buildings to display their green scores, regardless of how low they are. Moreover, legal compliance boosts the business. With the governments finally addressing climate change via policy measures, it’s always advisable to be on their side for non-compliance is deemed strictly penal with fines that might burn your pocket. Also, clients these days are keener to work with green-complying businesses as it contributes extremely positively towards a better brand image. Moreover, green consciousness is here to stay.

Government Incentives

Let’s begin with Tax Benefits Recent patterns represent that federal tax incentives have been enacted to encourage and reward buildings that are sustainably designed green buildings – residential & commercial. The Economic Stimulus Act of 2008, the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 are some examples that reflect tax incentivization. We urge you to speak to your accountant to optimize.
Further, energy incentive programs are location dependent. Some focus more on solar power and other renewables whereas, some target energy efficiency directly. A list of pre-determined measures which are eligible for incentives is designed which could either be equipment (LED, etc.) oriented or based on performance.

Long Term Cost Saving

Even though the immediate cost might seem hefty, bearing the initial investment further paves way for greater savings by tipping down on maintenance and shooting up savings directly on the utility bills and expanding the life cycle on the building’s long term operations. For example, exterior re-painting is often no more a concern when once painted using special renewable material; high volumes of water are no longer wasted with the installation of efficient plumbing system. Retro-fitting has proven to help the owners save around 5-20%, and essentially it pays for itself after three years.
Often times, owners of industrial spaces are withdrawn from green-proofing their buildings. The stringent requirements for licensing and certification contribute to this. However, it will be safe to dignify these concerns as short-sighted as at the end of the barter is excellent energy efficiency which will help save for several long years.

There are manifold benefits of Green Buildings. Whether it is financially, or improving the indoor environment of a Building, a Green Building is an excellent asset for any Building Owner. If you would like to know more, contact us! 

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