10 years in Sustainability

10 Years in Sustainability – The Cotocon Group

Sustainability Consulting Experts – The Cotocon Group

10 years ago, I founded The Cotocon Group with a mission to lead the “Green Energy Movement”, by helping building owners become compliant with New York City Sustainability Laws while reducing their GHG Emissions and most importantly, making the greatest investment that they can…which is in Energy!

Our core value has always been to empathize with building owners and their teams through this volatile built environment. Fueled by my passion for the environment, we have spent the last 10 years in sustainability growing manifold with the help of all the employees, the invaluable clients and a zeal to making the world a better place.

As we turn 10, here is a look at some numbers:

  • Over 500MM in savings for clients
  • Over a Million sq. ft. of LEED certified buildings
  • Over a Billion sq. ft. area served
  • Over 5MM metric tons of carbon emissions cut
10 Years of Cotocon

As we enter this new decade, we take a pledge. A pledge to serve the industry with more determination to save the energy costs, aim to benefit and increase property values for the building owners while making the world a better place for everyone. Get in Touch with us to learn more about The Cotocon Group’s services and how we can help you!

Get Savvy to Measure and Verify Your Building's Emissions.