Benchmarking measures a building’s energy and water use and establishes a building’s baseline from which to measure all future improvements. It then benchmarks those metrics against similar buildings throughout the United States and produces a benchmarking score. The resulting metrics are then used to calculate your building’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Ideally, benchmarking should be undertaken for every property; in some locations, such as New York City, it is now mandatory. It is a valuable service for those evaluating the purchase of a property, and is essential for planning building energy improvements. If you have a building in New York City that is 50,000 sf or over, you are required to benchmark your building’s energy usage by May 1, 2016.

Benchmarking: It’s Business Smart

Even if your building is not located in New York City, ENERGY STAR benchmarking your building is the smart thing to do. You can’t manage what you don’t measure. You may think you know how much energy and water your building is using, but are you sure?

How does your building stack up against other comparable buildings? Energy and water use are among your few controllable operating expenses. Make sure you have a complete and accurate picture of the energy and water your building is using right now, so you can move forward to make your building perform better in the future.

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