Building Energy Efficiency in NYC

Energy Efficiency – Making Your Buildings Safer

This is how energy efficiency makes your buildings safer

Energy audits should not be approached with only monetary savings in mind or legal compliance to the Local Law 97. It brings holistic value to the building. Energy audits are performed to maximize cost-effectiveness prioritizing health, safety & comfort. Experts complete a comprehensive diagnosis using cutting-edge technology to thoroughly evaluate & rectify the situation at hand. These are mandated to be performed by highly trained contractors as they own the necessary knowledge and skillset to precisely estimate potential savings. A lesser celebrated benefit of energy audits is how it makes the building much safer, reducing the chances of many casualties and accidents.

Old/non-updated HVACs are dangerous

Heating, Ventilating and Air-conditioning (HVAC) are alone responsible for more than 40% of energy consumption. The labeled products help save up to 16% energy which translates to a weekly saving yearly saving of at least $100.

Air-conditioning does not contribute much to the bills, taking up around 6% of energy. ENERGY STAR central air-conditioning units provide 8% more efficiency. The air-conditioning systems are usually integrated with the heating systems implying that it’s ideal to purchase both at the same time to maximize efficiency.

An energy-efficient building protects residents/occupants from extreme weather

A building envelope is like a shell, barrier or seal of protection against the outside world. Anything that separates the internal building from the external environment makes for this envelope. This includes roofs, doors, walls, and floors. In the winter, it prevents heat transfer and helps the building remain cool during the summer months.

The barrier is pivotal to building’s structural energy because a good envelope ensures an edge to better in-built HVAC systems & lighting, implying lesser money spent on equipment. The envelope accounts for at least 30% of the energy consumed. The older buildings were never constructed keeping an envelope in mind, which is why they are so energy inefficient and spend a lot on retro-commissioning them.

Functions of a building envelope

A- Structural support

The envelope essentially ensures that the building’s structure is stable and sound and that it provides the necessary support vis-a-vis weight, & load bearing. Moreover, it also helps meet local regulations and building codes.

B-Climate Control
As previously discussed, the envelope takes care of air regulation, and sustainably, whilst also being optimally energy efficient. The local climate usually determines construction. For example, a cold climate will mandate stronger infiltration.

C- Aesthetic Appeal of a ‘finish’

A visually pleasing exterior is important to all types of buildings. Because the envelope is literally the building’s exterior, it should be designed to realize that explicit requirement of locales.

How LED lightings can also make your buildings safer

Most LED projects are executed with the sole aim of saving on electricity. However, LED lights also bring in several safety benefits, which is why most audits will suggest switching up the lighting.

1. They have a lower power consumption because of which they emit less heat. This implies that there are lesser chances of it starting a fire.

2. As opposed to other conventional lamps that require glass in their respective designs, LED lighting has no such prerequisites and can be modelled utilizing much safer products. This also makes them shatterproof.

3. Owing to their low consumption, LED lighting also runs successfully on a power back, for a very long time. This is nothing short of a life-saving hack for during those bakclouts!

We, The Cotocon Group, have a proven history of providing compliance services in New York City to building owners. Our highly skilled team ensures building owners meet all the requirements from planning compliance schedules, conducting energy audits and retro-commissioning to generating and submitting the Energy Efficiency Report within the deadline. We will demonstrate that the greatest return on investment for building owners is investing in energy efficiency, to accomplish the mentioned holistic value and make your building absolutely safe.