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Hiring an Energy Consultant is more important than ever. Here’s How.

Ownership of a building, let alone a commercial, comes with tremendous and multidimensional responsibilities, which is why outsourcing the general burden onto a contractor who can help optimize operations, is well recommended. Energy consultants can help with tasks of all nature – from taking care of painting to installing roofs, to even incorporating the latest narratives of climate change and helping the property become energy efficient, which also increases the value of the property.

Energy consultants are deemed as energy procurement and management = experts, therefore they are genuinely deserving of trust vis-a-vis ensuring that the property is operating or functioning optimally. However, to avail all of the above mentioned, what is crucial is knowing the know-how of employing one.

Why hire an energy consultant?

Energy consultants help break down the energy usage of your building and optimize efficiency and finances – especially if your building type is that of multi-use structures that contain commercial offices with manufacturing facilities, multiple branches, with complex energy profiles. A consultant fills in the knowledge gaps and resources by studying the energy requirements, building a specific profile, and providing tailored solutions. Simply put, they will lower your energy bills. They will do this by incorporating the urgent narratives of climate change so your building is as efficient or climate-friendly as can be — especially with the Inflation Reduction Act that is primarily centered around climate attunement.

1. They know the energy industry perspective(s)

It is not very plausible that the building owners know about energy procurement or have any first-hand experience with it. The owners might keep wondering whether their finances are optimized or not vis-a-vis energy management because there is so much you can save by being efficient – and through very basic measures. An energy consultant will help you get akin to the industry standards, fees, knowledge, and trustworthy solutions.

2. Energy industry-specific expertise

The fact that they are likely to come in with experience is the cherry on top. They will help gauge your consumption with respect to other businesses and/or industries as well. They will also help you discover newer ways of reducing your energy consumption after probably retro-commissioning or curating an energy audit.

3. Delegation helps

It’s unfair to expect your staff members to care about sustainability and energy management for the organization. This can result in getting distracted should energy management training be given to other staff. The recommended way to go about it is to get an in-house consultant – you will enjoy the benefits of full-time management without having to pay for recruiting or training.

4. They help make utility bills accurate

One of the first things an energy consultant would do is retro-commission, curate an audit and then match it to your utility bills. They will further develop ways to make the bills more accurate and manage the building’s energy in a way to save more on the utility bills by finding errors so you are never overpaying.

5. Updated tech & green tech

The energy industry is dynamic – always evolving and changing, but it’s mandated because climate change is also taking place at an accelerated pace. If your energy sources are not updated, or in other ways depending on the fuel prices then you’re always facing dramatic and sudden ups and down. Installing green tech can help that factor stabilize. It will further help you strategize and plan. As per US Green Buildings Council, more than one-third of the building’s energy is wasted.

Ask these questions to help pick the best

Hiring an energy consultant is a task that should not be taken lightly because it promises the immense potential for your property vis-a-vis relevance, energy efficiency, savings, and even an increment in the property’s value. Therefore, the goal is to hire a quality worker so the final result looks great.

We recommend that you interview the candidates with the following set of questions:-

1. How long have you been in business?
2. How do you think you add quality in the best way?
3. What kind of experience would you say you have in this project (the kind you are looking for)?
4. How can you add value to my project?
5. Do you have the necessary permits and licenses? (This is where the geography-specific research will come in handy)
6. What is your cost estimate for my project?
7. Do you have referrals/references I can reach out to?
8. What is your estimated timeline for my project?
9. Are you an insured practitioner?

How do you take the payments? (Figuring out the payment options is mandatory and should not be overlooked and also discussed in advance. Discussing the budgeting beforehand is recommended greatly because it is important for you to understand that THERE ARE NO INDUSTRY STANDARDS when it comes to this.

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