NYC Local Law 88

NYC Local Law 88 – Lighting Upgrades

What is Local Law 88?

NYC Local Law 88 of 2009 requires property owners to upgrade their lighting systems and install tenant sub-meters. It is part of a package of laws known as the Greener Greater Buildings Plan, which were enacted in December 2009 to improve the energy and water efficiency of New York City’s largest existing buildings.

Benefits of Compliance

  • The NYC Energy Conservation Code will continue to be reviewed and updated, and future versions will have more demanding requirements. Therefore, waiting can result in more expensive upgrades.
  • LL88 requires upgrades not only for common areas, but for tenant spaces. Lighting upgrades are more disruptive and expensive when tenant spaces are occupied, so property owners can schedule upgrades more effectively by starting earlier.
  • Lighting upgrades can be a capital-intensive project, but LL88 allows them to be spread out as several smaller projects, as long as the building has been fully upgraded before Jan. 1, 2025.

How The Cotocon Group Works to Reduce the GHG/Carbon Footprint of Buildings

The Cotocon Group understands the impact buildings have on our environment. We are committed to working on reducing the carbon footprint of all our projects. One of the ways we do this is by conducting an annual audit of our projects’ energy use, which is a significant factor in a building’s carbon footprint.

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